How to gain in excess of 3000 B2B leads in 5 months?

Is it possible to obtain 3000 leads and 5000 fans on Facebook in the space of 5 months? Our cooperation with Joico Polska, an official distributor of products for the hairdressing sector, proved exactly that. A well-thought-out strategy, planning of actions to be undertaken and a spectacular result – how did we manage to exceed the expectations of our partner and ours?
Branża: Beauty

3 000

leads from hairdressing salons

1 000%

more leads when compared to the previous action without the participation of a Lead Generation-type campaign

5 000

increase in the number of Facebook fans


Joico Polska is the only official distributor of Joico products in Poland. Joico, which offers professional hairdressing products, has enjoyed the trust and recognition of clients for many years and is considered a leading brand in professional hair care.

The key business goals of Joico Polska included establishing long-term cooperation with hairdressing salons and increasing brand awareness among retail customers.

The brand asked Harbingers for assistance in preparing and conducting a promotional campaign for Keratin Hair Colouring, a hybrid treatment that combines hair colouring with reconstruction and protection of hair. Łukasz Urbański, a well-known celebrity stylist and one of the most recognisable individuals in the hairdressing industry, was selected to be an ambassador of the campaign. The participation of hairdressing salons was to be encouraged by means of free test kits and short training courses on the products.


What was our goal? We decided to reach out to both new salons that could be interested in the Keratin Hair Colouring system, and salons which had previously used Joico products. When working on the campaign together with our partner, we established that our actions would also be directed at retail clients. The assumption was that the clients’ interest in the products would lead them to ask for the Keratin Hair Colouring system, which in turn would boost our online activities. To a considerable extent, these activities were to include blog entries and “before and after” videos.

In pursuit of our goals, we decided to invest in a Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign. Our choice was mostly down to the characteristics of the target group, as hairdressers and stylists are mostly active on Facebook. They are keen to share the results of their work with others and are known to pay attention to company profiles, which allows them to acquire new clients.

What other aspects had an impact on our choices? The results of hair treatments are best depicted visually, and Facebook is an ideal medium for such posts. Google Ads, in turn, was to be mostly responsible for “reserving” keywords concerning the treatment and brand, increasing traffic on the website, and filling in remarketing lists.


We obtained Leads through the contact form on the Landing Page and through the use of instant Lead Ads forms. Before the start of the campaign, our team carefully analysed the chosen targeting methods. We knew that remarketing would play an important role; therefore, we created a number of recipient lists divided into the blog, Joico Polska and the LP. Their future use at various stages of the campaign was to prove crucial to the success.

We also received email databases from our partner. Although they were not substantial (with approx. 2000 entries), they were sufficient to make a start. With these records, we created lists of similar recipients both in Google and Facebook Ads.

Before we started, we prepared campaigns which targeted keywords that referred to Keratin Hair Colouring. Our focus was to ensure that users who saw an advertisement in social media or on an advertising network were presented with our Landing Page after searching for the keywords.

In accordance with the best practices of Lead Generation, we began by delivering traffic to the website and filling in the remarketing lists. We decided to direct the users to both blog entries and the Landing Page, which contained key information and the contact form. For this purpose, we used Google’s advertising network, YouTube campaigns and Facebook traffic campaigns. Our careful preparations translated into an excellent result – within a week, we achieved 195 leads (more than 100 from paid traffic).

A week later, we commenced the Lead Ads campaign, which proved to be a key source of leads in the subsequent months. The biggest advantages of this type of campaign is not having to go to the Landing Page and the automatic completion of data fields with the information included in the profile. Those interested only had to enter the name of the hair dressing salon and submit the contact form.

During the campaign, we ran a number of tests aimed at minimising the costs of obtaining leads. We mostly tested ad creatives, but also targeting options depending on the age, location or demography of users, as well as the place of displaying the advertisements (placement, devices).


Apart from supplementary sales in partner hair salons, Joico Polska obtained in excess of 60 new cooperations.


What was the result? Thanks to a well-planned strategy and continued optimisation, we exceeded the expectations of our partner and even bettered our own estimates several times over! Within 5 months, we obtained 2717 leads at an average cost of PLN 7.9 directly from paid activities.

What is behind our success? Such excellent results were achieved thanks to the ongoing monitoring and optimisation of the campaign and the flexible approach to the budget between channels. The budget resources were allocated on an ongoing basis in compliance with the results achieved. Such actions translated into superb results during the 5-month project:

As you can see, the diagram is growing almost linearly. This is not at all obvious, given that the target group has limited potential. As we were spending a similar budget each month, the diagram that shows the average cost change of a lead is almost a mirror reflection of the previous diagram:

We ended the first month with an average cost of one lead at PLN 14.07, which at that stage was a satisfactory result to both us and our partner. Thanks to optimisation activities, we reduced the acquisition cost in the last month by 140% and achieved a result of… PLN 5.62!

The activities targeted at retail users almost entirely comprised Facebook Ads. The promotion of blog entries reached over 160,000 interested users and generated about 10,000 target page hits with an average cost of PLN 0.20 per session.

All activities in Facebook Ads during the 5-month campaign contributed to attracting more than 5000 new fans:

Thanks to such high interest and a huge number of leads, sales representatives were not able to handle applications on an ongoing basis and it was necessary to launch a recruitment campaign, which resulted (a few months after the action) in doubling the size of the sales team.

Our initial plan to focus the campaign around Facebook was an excellent move. During the five months, adverts and promoted posts gathered 8.5 thousand reactions, more than 500 comments and over 350 shares, thus reaching more than half a million users.

What was the end result? As many as 3120 leads, of which over 85% were applications from hairdressing salons. Apart from supplementary sales in partner hair salons, Joico Polska obtained in excess of 60 new cooperations. When comparing this result to the standard activities of sales representatives, thanks to which our partner had been establishing new cooperation opportunities to date, the cost was several times lower!

It is also worth mentioning that our partner had previously conducted a similar promotional campaign without the support of paid campaigns. What was the result? It obtained approximately 300 leads.

“Working with Harbingers is a real pleasure – I appreciate their flexibility and speed of response. Together, we have implemented bold solutions that have brought in stunning results.”


  • Before the start of any Lead Generation campaign, it is important to carefully plan your actions and wisely choose the channels to be used for promotion. In our case, 97% of the leads were achieved thanks to the Facebook Ads campaign.
  • However, you need time to reach your target lead cost. The longer the campaign, the better the results in the form of lower lead costs.
  • The appropriate value for users in exchange for their contact details and a simplified application form significantly increase the chances of success of any Lead Generation campaign.

Would you like to learn more about the potential of Lead Generation campaigns? Contact us, and we will tell you all you need to know.

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