This is how online giants are created! 3 million sessions thanks to the CM strategy

How to reconcile a difficult industry, Polish law and Google’s unpredictable algorithms? It goes without saying that marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is quite challenging. However, we provided proof that we are able to achieve the best results possible. This was the case with Dr.Max – one of the largest chains of pharmacies in Poland.
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3,2 mln

sessions from free search results within a year


Increase in the number of organic sessions year-on-year by 330%


Session increase with SEO in the last month (YoY) at 550%


Dr.Max is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Poland and a leader in the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the last quarter of 2017 we had the honour to accompany our partner on their entry to the world of e-commerce (initially as

It must be said that a successful launch of an online pharmacy is quite a challenge. All because of the draconian pharmaceutical laws in Poland. Because of the ban on advertising pharmacies, introduced in 2012, content marketing is one of the few legal marketing practices that an online pharmacy can pursue. We were tasked with a huge responsibility, but this only made us more motivated!

Others would have said that it was futile to compete with those who have been blogging about health and beauty for years. The biggest player had more than 7 thousand articles in its database at the start of our activities.

Nevertheless, the start of 2018 was excellent. The average monthly growth rate of organic traffic amounted to 70% from the beginning of 2018. We started with only 18,000 sessions, and after six months we recorded almost 150,000 (an increase of 690%!).

We were doing brilliantly until August, when we recorded the first decline in the history of the website. Traffic fell by as much as 30% in the third quarter. What happened? In August 2018, Google updated the algorithm applicable primarily to “Your Money or Your Life” pages.

Such pages directly influence topics that are relevant to our life. Google has decided to put such pages under the microscope, because if their content was of low quality, it could have a negative effect on the health and finances of Internet users. The entire pharmaceutical industry has been affected by these changes. Find out what we did to gain a spectacular increase in traffic from free search results.


Dr.Max’s Content Marketing Strategy assumes creating 50 contents per month in 13 fixed, recognisable cycles and 32 thematic subcategories. Each cycle is dedicated to a specific person, has a different structure, purpose in strategy and KPI. It is a perfectly programmed machine, augmented by data from a dozen or so tools, which needed to be… skilfully activated.

The first challenge was to build a team of experts – doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, athletes, and beauty bloggers. The next step was to translate the strategy into specific guidelines for all those involved in the project – so as to ensure the consistency and compliance of all communications with the brand image, SEO priorities, and legal restrictions.

This was followed by the creation of project work procedures – defining the points of contact between authors, specialists in content marketing, SEO, social media, the editor, graphic designers and, of course, our partner.

Within the framework of monthly cooperation, we prepare a schedule containing detailed parameters and guidelines for project participants. Apart from creative ideas for each content, each time we determine, based on analyses sourced from various tools, as many as a dozen or so parameters that are necessary during the implementation of the content marketing strategy (e.g. title, abstract, key phrases, stage of the purchasing process, promoted products, goal, KPI). This lets everybody know in what way, how and when to engage in creative activities and what results should be expected from content marketing actions. Our content ideas are opposite to random. Strategic content planning is founded on the analysis of data from as many as 10 SEO and CM tools.

However, it wasn’t like that from the start. We were quite shocked when suddenly – in August 2018 – we had a solid, 30% drop in sessions from free Google search results. We began a frantic investigation of the causes.

“There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content”

we read in the official Google Twitter entry.

We knew that our strategy was based on solid Big Data on the target group and the competition, so we decided not to change its fundamental assumptions. Instead, we placed an even greater focus on blog analytics and SEO optimisation of content. Initially, for the purpose of content planning, we used two SEO tools – Google Keyword Planner and AnswerThePublic. The challenge thrown at us by Google mobilised us to seek additional tools to help us increase our competitive advantage and once again succeed in the search engine optimisation game. Today, we use five SEO tools.

Until recently, was absent from the map of Polish online pharmacies. Currently, the portal is competing not only with other pharmacies but also with well-known publishers.


Increase in the visibility of Dr.Max portal by 7,247%!

Our decision not to alter the foundations of the CM strategy was valid. All that was needed was a little patience and nerves of steel because Google continued to correct the algorithm for the next several months. Many of the websites that were unfairly affected by the “Your Money Your Life” (otherwise known as “Medic 1”) update received a large injection of traffic around February/March 2019. This was also the case with our project.

Senuto conducted an analysis of the websites that got hit by Google the most, and after some time gained the most, when the corrections were finally implemented. Dr.Max was ranked in the TOP 10 in the “Large Domain Growth – Health” category with an increase in the visibility by 7,247%.


We should add that since the analysis performed by Senuto, the visibility of has increased twofold!

More than 3.2 million sessions from free search results in within a year!

The increase in visibility is, of course, reflected in the traffic recorded on the blog. Only last month, we generated in excess of 700,000 sessions! This means that organic traffic is currently higher than that recorded last year by as much as 556%.

When we started, we could have felt apprehensive about health services which already had thousands of articles at that point. We chose not to feel worried. We knew that our methodology for creating and implementing strategies was unique. We were confident that we could win only by standing out through high quality content and consistent data analysis.

Until recently, was absent from the map of Polish online pharmacies. Currently, the portal is competing not only with other pharmacies but also with well-known publishers, such as, or!

Our content is more engaging than that of the competition by 440% – 645%

Over the last year, as many as 1,095 contents from the Dr.Max blog ( – 220, – only 35) recorded an interaction in the form of a like or a share. In total, our content recorded almost 7,000 interactions. This is 442% more than and 645% more than

This is because we have researched our target group, and we know who we are talking to and what tactics affect our personas. This is also reflected by Google Analytics – the average time spent on articles is as much as 7 minutes, and the rejection rate does not exceed 15%.

“Two nominations in international competitions, nearly a million sessions a month from organic search results – we did some excellent work with Harbingers!”


  • A daring investment in content marketing makes it possible to quickly take the lead and generate millions of sessions from the search engine.
  • You don’t have to pay big publishers such as Onet, WP or Interia to reach your target group. You can become one yourself!
  • To make a return on your investment in content marketing, you need to focus on a data-driven Content Marketing Strategy, as well as ensure decent analytics and optimisation tools.

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