6 stages of the #GameChanger path

This route is only known to online leaders.
And you – what stage are you at?

Setting of the course

It is irrelevant whether you’ve been active online for many years or you are just starting out – you must ask yourself if you have a plan for developing your business.

Have you got it?

  • Analysis of industry potential
  • Ongoing analysis of the competition
  • Analysis of target groups
  • Business development plan for 24 months
  • Revenue and marketing costs forecasts
Kornel Dulęba
Chief Executive Officer

At Harbingers, we focus on improving our working methods every single day. This allows us to generate the best results possible. I’m proud of the fact that instead of monitoring our competition, we can look towards our partners. We march forward, always wanting more. We observe all the growth factors of online businesses and implement them with conviction.

Innovative systems and tools

For the purpose of running analyses, audits and strategies, we generate data using our advanced Marketing Data Engine™ system, which combines data from a dozen different sources.

Our focus is on innovation – we have created HBGR Predict™, a tool that accurately forecasts traffic, conversion and ROI. Even for as long as 24 months!

Harbingers is a strategic partner of Kantar Millward Brown. We create development and communication strategies for online brands using unique data.

Our technological solutions and over a decade of experience enable us to operate as a business advisor rather than an agency.


is a minimal increase from investments in a blog resulting from the Content Marketing Strategy


of directors of leading companies in the USA assign 2x more spending on online rather than offline expenses in their marketing budgets


marketing executives agree that Machine Learning will allow a greater focus on strategic activities
Robust analytics

You collect a lot of data, but you don’t know if they are correct. You also don’t know how to use them to make solid business decisions.

Have you got it?

  • Properly implemented Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Reporting of key KPIs in Google Data Studio
  • Monitoring of client behaviour (UX) on your website (Yandex, CrazyFrog)
  • A/B tests (Google Optimize)
Piotr Baran
Chief Operating Officer

I like order and being in control of our campaigns. The Harbingers Team has developed a work system which enables us to monitor the progress of all our projects on a daily basis. Our reaction is immediate if the implementation of the projection drops below 100%. I simply adore green-coloured charts!


Harbingers provides comprehensive analytical services. What preparation do we mean exactly? Our focus is to make sure that data about your business is collected correctly but also presented in a way which allows us to draw conclusions without any difficulty.

By using new technologies based on Big Data, we make your work easier.

We believe that data is supposed to assist in making the right decisions and optimising the costs. Tell us what questions you are seeking to answer, and we will tell you how and what to measure.


of Google Analytics implementations we audit contain incorrect data when compared to internal systems (ERP)


reduction in costs reported by businesses that use Big Data solutions


of marketing executives believe that the data-driven attribution model is essential to understand the journey of the most valuable customers
More traffic

You are proud of your online business but less so of the traffic on your website. What you need is an influx of new users.

Have you got it?

  • Effective SEO operations
  • Engaging website content
  • Campaigns promoting your products in various advertising networks
  • Social media presence
Filip Krasiński
Performance Director

Our mission is to meet the expectations of not only our partners but also our own. What is crucial, the obvious dimension of financial growth is not the only aspect we are after. We believe that caring for each other and the sharing of knowledge and experiences are equally important to the process of building business relations.

Positive traffic

100% of our SEO audits and Content Marketing Strategies implemented in full guarantee a spectacular increase in visibility in organic search results. On average, free traffic in our partners’ online stores increases by 15% within a quarter, and in content sections – by as much as 100%.

If you need a quick injection of traffic, you can take advantage of our Display&Video for Performance campaign. We never aim for increased traffic in isolation. We work to prove that actions which are seemingly linked to reach can generate conversions and build sales.

Thanks to our solution developed for monitoring changes on websites – Website Health Care™ – we will inform you about unexpected errors on your website in the space of 24 hours. This way, you won’t lose a single session and a single penny.


this is how few marketers measure the increase in revenue related to Content Marketing

12 000

this is the average number of characters of the first search result in Google


of display expenditure in the US is earmarked for programmatic
More sales

You acquire traffic effectively, but you are not satisfied with your level of sales. You are prepared to undertake daring investments, but you need a specific plan to grow quickly.

Have you got it?

  • Performance Campaigns (Programmatic, Google Shopping, Smart Search & Display Campaigns)
  • SEO Performance Operations
  • Lead Generation Solutions
  • Content Performance Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Attribution Modelling Tools
Patrycja Piórecka-Pacholczyk
Client Success Manager

Modern technology and automation of tasks at work allow me to focus on the Person. I always adapt my communication style to the person I’m talking to. I feel responsible for the final result. And in the world of e-commerce, this final result is dependent on a multitude of minor details.

Packages of solutions

Regardless of whether your online store is small, medium or large, you can count on Harbingers if you aim to increase your revenue. We will provide you with a package of dedicated e-commerce solutions, thanks to which you will see quick results in the form of revenue growth.

Are you interested in B2B solutions? Our Lead Generation Solutions will allow you to enter a higher level of acquiring contact forms and fully automate your customer segmentation.

Not enough? We will tell you which solutions you should invest in to stay ahead of the competition.


this is the average growth of the e-commerce sector in Poland. If your growth rate is lower – you are in reverse gear


of e-commerce directors point to the store platform as the key constraint on dynamic growth


this is how few companies monitor the client experience path
Greater recognisability

You’re big, but you want to be bigger. You aim to be a top-of-mind brand in your target group. You are hungry for dominance.

Have you got it?

  • Optimise your operations based on Customer Lifetime Value
  • You have a store development plan for at least 2 years
  • You invest in customer experience and the recognition of your brand
Małgorzata Pawłowska
Content Marketing Manager

If you want to master the art of search engines so that you can’t be missed – you must first make sure that your website’s content meets the needs of your clients. The next step is to step outside your website’s boundaries. Go and meet clients where they like to spend their time. Then comes the time to implement a wide-reaching campaign. Run a campaign which will shake up the entire country. Tell the story of your brand. Let everyone know who you are.


Our Content Marketing Specialists are very well acquainted with the online media market – they spent years working for the biggest publishers such as WP, Onet and Interia.

The content we create for your website will be like a perfectly calibrated machine. Harbingers uses as many as 10 CM, SEO and analytical tools for their planning.

As much as 100% of the available advertising space is used for our reach campaigns. Our distinguishing feature are Content Performance campaigns. These campaigns are employed to design methods of educating, mobilising and reaching your target group so that it remembers you for a long time to come.


of shares of one article with an interactive content


is the annual increase in video advertising spending and the main driver of growth of the advertising sector


of clients declare that they are willing to reward a brand by sharing its content or by buying its products if they believe it to be authentic
Expansion to new markets

You detest stagnation. Your achievements so far are impressive, but you are tempted by new markets. You need insights to tell you which markets to invest in and how to carry out the expansion process.

Have you got it?

  • International presence strategy
  • Analysis of demand and market development
  • Market analyses of the competition, target groups, and local insights
  • Operational support – logistics, payments, Mobile Payments UX etc.
Piotr Kwinta
Business Development Director

Aim high and work with people who are passionate about what they do. These two principles are exceptionally useful when building a business. It makes me very happy to know that many of our partners involve us to develop their enterprises outside the contract. I truly appreciate situations when we can provide assistance and learn something new at the same time.

Expansion Booster

We will guide you through the entire process of your international expansion – from getting to know the markets with the greatest growth potential for your sector to finding the right partners in these markets.

At each stage of the expansion, we will provide you with unique reports and benchmarks. We do all this so that you find the new markets accessible and unambiguous.


of producers and family businesses in Poland plan to expand abroad


of users spend most of their time on websites that are written in their local language


of users abandon their shopping cart if the payment type is not adapted to local standards

Would you like to grow by 100% within a year?

  • Book a free-of-charge strategic consultation.
  • Discover estimated revenue and project costs.
  • Take a deep breath and fasten your seatbelts – you are finally about to implement the changes you’ve been dreaming of.
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