We’re changing the rules of the game. If you are not suitably prepared, it’s best you stay in your comfort zone.

Team First. No Ego

If your marketing ego comes in the XL size, sadly it won’t fit in our trophy cabinet. We are looking for a team player who is conscious of just how many people contribute to a single success story.

Coach Ability

We don’t need hour-long meetings and brainstorming sessions to give each other feedback. At Harbingers, feedback is given in the kitchen over a cup of coffee, at a desk, by means of Slack, Asana and by mail. It’s impossible to predict the direction it will be coming from next. However, we can promise you that the feedback will be substantive and constructive – it will refer specifically to your work and enable you to do it better.

Work Ethic

Working for a marketing agency is certainly not a picnic with sandwiches and tea. You will be given tasks to carry out within a specific deadline. Not to worry though, as you won’t be left to your own devices – your team will always be there to provide you with necessary support.


“I’ve got an idea!” – this is one of the most frequently heard sentences at HBGR. If after hearing an idea of your team member you fail to come up with 3 ways of putting it to use or improving it, don’t waste out time by applying.


“The impossible we do immediately. Miracles take a little longer.” If you tend to be satisfied with a meagre 100%, better give it a rest. When you join Harbingers, you must have an appetite for more!

If you still want to get to know us better

We always have justification for all the actions we undertake in our projects. If we do not invite you to one of the stages of the recruitment process, there will also be specific reasons for the above. We want to make sure that we work with people who understand the essence of Harbingers and share our core values.

Ania, Piotr and Kuba

The HBGR team comprises almost 40 people. Although it seems hard to believe, such outstanding individuals go by quite ordinary first names. The most common names are: Ania, Piotr and Kuba. If your name is in this list, your chances of successfully completing the recruitment process might have just become much more favourable. And if the opposite is the case, you might just have to be the best at what you do.

Carrot flute

Naturally, our heroes also like to pursue ordinary hobbies such as running, cycling or travelling; however, some of us are passionate about meditation, making instruments out of vegetables or tap-dancing. So don’t forget to share your passions when sending us your CV. Of course, only if you can outplay our after-work pursuits.

Relay race

We do not want to follow industry trends with blinkers on our eyes. Instead, we want to create and change these trends! That’s why we give you the opportunity to dedicate 10% of your working time to other innovative projects which are not linked to your field of expertise. To date, we have begun working on projects related to sports, charity work and music. Stay tuned!

Job offers

At Harbingers, there is always a place for talented specialists. Active recruitment is our priority at present. Nonetheless, we are always in search of other potential Harbi-Heroes.

  • Wszystkie (17)
  • Content Marketing (3)
  • Digital Analyst (3)
  • Inne (1)
  • New Business (2)
  • Programmatic (1)
  • SEM (2)
  • SEO (4)
  • Social Media (1)
  • Wszystkie (17)
  • Content Marketing (3)
  • Digital Analyst (3)
  • Inne (1)
  • New Business (2)
  • Programmatic (1)
  • SEM (2)
  • SEO (4)
  • Social Media (1)

You haven’t found an offer which interests you? You’re lucky!

If you haven’t found anything that suits you, but you feel that Harbingers is a place for you, write to us and we’ll talk. At Harbingers, we believe that it is much easier to improve your competencies than your personality.

How to become
a #GameChanger

Are you keen on continued advancement of your competencies, gaining access to the best tools and having the opportunity to work with the top players in the sector? Join the Harbingers Team! It takes just 6 steps to become a #GameChanger.


Learn about our corporate culture and decide if you share our values


Send us your CV


Talk with us on the phone


Take time to complete your recruitment task


Meet us at our office to talk


Give us a few days to make a decision

Several things which make working much easier

A man does not live by work alone – at Harbingers, we are well aware of this fact. And since we spend several hours a day changing the face of e-commerce, we care about our development in its every aspect. Discover the benefits reserved for our #GameChangers!

We do not limit ourselves to one field of expertise. Under the Dream Team’s in-house initiative, you will be able to dedicate 10% of your working time to a separate, creative project.

We recommend English lessons to expand our marketing vocabulary, which – by the way – is already quite impressive.

Our team members and their families are provided with a comprehensive medical package. We do not take health-related matters lightly.

At Harbingers, we steer clear of rigid training budgets. In order to offer development opportunities to our specialists and managers, we provide them with in-house training workshops, external courses and the potential to participate in conferences.

Multisport card – to limit the devastating effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Harbingers organises both informal and slightly more formal team building events where we like to sing together – even the songs you are embarrassed to admit you know.

Where others provide fruit once a week, in our kitchen you’ll find a variety of snacks and beverages all week long.

We also give you access to modern equipment, to allow you to work quickly and efficiently for the greater glory of Harbingers.

Other positives include flexible working time and the ability to work remotely. Anything to contribute to your effectiveness.

It is thanks to working with our partners that we are winning awards.

If we decide to
work with someone...

We guarantee access to a full range of modern marketing tools.


We give you the opportunity to dedicate 10% of your working time to additional, creative projects

Our office is located in the city centre so that everyone finds the location convenient

In 2019 alone, we have already received 11 awards in international industry competitions

Read the stories
of our heroes

We always have justification for all the actions we undertake in our projects. If we do not invite you to one of the stages of the recruitment process, there will also be specific reasons for this decision. We want to make sure that we work with people who understand the essence of Harbingers and who share our core values.

Black Friday – how to do it better?

All advertisers know that Black Friday guarantees increased website traffic and extra revenue. But are they all able to take advantage of the potential of this special day? A well-thought-out action plan and suitable preparations we began several months prior made our success much more tangible.

How to utilise the potential of old content and achieve a session increase of 120% with SEO?

Is there a way to increase the number of organic sessions by 120% in the content section of a giant enterprise? Design an impeccable CM strategy and subject your content to recycling! Through the consistent implementation of our carefully planned actions, we succeeded in increasing the number of organic sessions. We also extended the duration of the session by 19%, reduced the rejection rate by 3% and increased the visibility of the content section in relation to keywords in Top 3, Top 10 and Top 100 by as much as several hundred per cent.

How to gain in excess of 3000 B2B leads in 5 months?

Is it possible to obtain 3000 leads and 5000 fans on Facebook in the space of 5 months? Our cooperation with Joico Polska, an official distributor of products for the hairdressing sector, proved exactly that. A well-thought-out strategy, planning of actions to be undertaken and a spectacular result – how did we manage to exceed the expectations of our partner and ours?

This is how online giants are created! 3 million sessions thanks to the CM strategy

How to reconcile a difficult industry, Polish law and Google’s unpredictable algorithms? It goes without saying that marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is quite challenging. However, we provided proof that we are able to achieve the best results possible. This was the case with Dr.Max – one of the largest chains of pharmacies in Poland.

How to migrate your store safely without losing visibility

Store migration always entails some risk. Should this put you off? Not necessarily! A suitable migration strategy is enough to avoid the most common SEO errors. This was the case with the Quiosque store – the undertaken measures modified the graphic design and structure of the website, without generating worrying downslides.

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