Success stories

Every day, the Harbingers Team puts in a maximum effort to work on the success of our partners, ensuring spectacular results. We accompany them on the way to the top and help them achieve the dominant position. Get to know our success stories!

Black Friday – how to do it better?

All advertisers know that Black Friday guarantees increased website traffic and extra revenue. But are they all able to take advantage of the potential of this special day? A well-thought-out action plan and suitable preparations we began several months prior made our success much more tangible.

How to utilise the potential of old content and achieve a session increase of 120% with SEO?

Is there a way to increase the number of organic sessions by 120% in the content section of a giant enterprise? Design an impeccable CM strategy and subject your content to recycling! Through the consistent implementation of our carefully planned actions, we succeeded in increasing the number of organic sessions. We also extended the duration of the session by 19%, reduced the rejection rate by 3% and increased the visibility of the content section in relation to keywords in Top 3, Top 10 and Top 100 by as much as several hundred per cent.

How to gain in excess of 3000 B2B leads in 5 months?

Is it possible to obtain 3000 leads and 5000 fans on Facebook in the space of 5 months? Our cooperation with Joico Polska, an official distributor of products for the hairdressing sector, proved exactly that. A well-thought-out strategy, planning of actions to be undertaken and a spectacular result – how did we manage to exceed the expectations of our partner and ours?

This is how online giants are created! 3 million sessions thanks to the CM strategy

How to reconcile a difficult industry, Polish law and Google’s unpredictable algorithms? It goes without saying that marketing in the pharmaceutical industry is quite challenging. However, we provided proof that we are able to achieve the best results possible. This was the case with Dr.Max – one of the largest chains of pharmacies in Poland.

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